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About the
Woodford County
Farmers Market

What started as a simple get-together back in the early 1990s between local farmers has since developed into a well-loved farmers market in Versailles, Ky. With the help and support of a couple individuals at the University of Kentucky, our farmers market works to provide the best atmosphere for vendors and community members to come together.

Our farmers market features locally grown produce and starter plants, local honey, fresh flowers, fruits, baked goods, jams, jellies, canned veggies, locally made jewelry, crafts and more.


Unlike other farmers markets in the area, our farmers market has a strict 50-mile limit in order for a product to be considered "local." Because of this 50-mile guarantee, we can assure you that the produce and products you see at our farmers market are fresh.

We view our farmers market as a way to bring together farmers and members of the surrounding communities as they make connections, build relationships, and buy and sell good honest products.

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