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Potential Vendors

At the Woodford County Farmers Market, local farmers and individuals have the opportunity to come together to sell their products and build relationships with the surrounding community. We want our vendors to have a fun and memorable market experience each time they participate in one of our markets. In order for that experience to happen, it begins with the vendors themselves. We take pride in saying that our vendors and surrounding community are a family. Respect and compassion are two of the core values exhibited by our vendors each season.


In order to become a vendor at our farmers market, the biggest requirement we have is that your produce comes no more than 50 miles away from Woodford County. This boundary is set to ensure that any produce sold at our markets is fresh for our customers. Once you fulfill that requirement, you can begin deciding which membership is the right fit for you.

Two membership options are available for our vendors. If you know the farmers market is right for you, a year-long membership is available for just $140. The year-long membership guarantees your business a spot in all of our markets, three days a week, at all three market locations throughout the season. If you're not sure if the farmers market is right for your products, try out our Part-time Membership! Through the Part-time Membership, you pay a one-time $65 fee and then just $5 for each market you'd like to attend! Once you fall in love with the experience and our community, you can always upgrade to a year-long membership to make the most of our farmers market.

Learn more, and become a Vendor below:


Current Vendors

Thank you for being a valuable member of our farmers market! You and your business are the essence of what we do, and we cannot thank you enough for providing your business at our markets. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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