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How to Start Your Own Garden

Insert an example "How To" here! It's easy to edit your posts to give your audiences new and relevant information to keep them coming back to the website.

Step 1: Click on the "MyBlog" icon and select "manage blog"

Step 2: There are several things to do from here!

If you would like to create a new post, click on "New Post." From there, you can insert your title, the authors name (if you so choose), pictures, videos, links, etc. The content is up to you! When you're done creating the content of the blog post, make sure to "preview" the post first so you can make sure it will look good to your consumers. Also, make sure to place your post into a category and add tags (identifying words that can connect your audiences to this particular post), so that readers can easily find and organize your content!

If you would like to schedule a post, simply click on "schedule post" and select the date and time you would like the post to be published after you've created the content.

If you would make a post a featured post, which sends the post to the top right of your blog page for readers to easily find, simply click on the "featured post" button when you are done creating a blog post.

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